Stoner Stereotypes- What Kind of Stoner are You?

The weed community has to be the most liberal one of them all. There is no stereotyping and categorizing of stoners. Everyone is free to be what they want to be. If you want to be a bird; well go ahead and fly. It is all up to you. Well, unfortunately it does not work like that. Regardless of how much stoners might want to make themselves believe that they cannot categorize each other because of some criterion or another one it does not happen that way. What kind of stoner are you? This is one of those things that you can never ignore when you are hanging out with your buddies.

There are so many different types of stoners and each of them of their peculiar characteristics. If you have never thought about it this way then it is about time that you did figure out what kind of stoner you are. is one site that will help you to do that quite easily. It has a lengthy and detailed list of the different types of stoners that you will find on this planet. You would think that since birds of a feather flock together, you would be able to figure out what kind of stoner you are by knowing which type your friend is. Sadly, one more time, it does not work that way. has the answer to your question: what kind of stoner are you?

Start your own weed farm

One thing that you will love about is the fact that this site is not just about stoner entertainment. There is a lot of information on this site to entertain you regarding this favored pastime. There is everything from stoner quotes and hilarious lists relating to marijuana and stoners. Aside from enlightening yourself by figuring out your ‘stoner personality’ you can also learn how to start your own weed farm. Therefore it is not just about jokes and fun here. It is also about serious business.

With the legalization of weed in various parts of America, there is ample opportunity to grow businesswise. The only thing that you need to do is figure out how you are going to do that. Growing marijuana in your own farm should not be a problem because there are so many opportunities for you to do that. However, you have to start by getting yourself a permit. Whether you are going the weed indoors or outdoors, you will need the permit. It is worth remembering that it is not in all states that use and cultivation of weed is legal.

To add onto the stoner entertainment that you will find on there is also a lot of information on how to cultivate the marijuana properly. So you have gotten the permits and you have started growing the marijuana. How can you get the best yields from your farm? This and so much more you will find on this site. Basically, as long as your issue has to do with marijuana you are going to find the answer online at

Reasons why you should Grow Weed Seeds Outdoors

cannabis-seeds-category_3On the most part, you can easily cultivate weed seeds, whether you choose to do it indoors or outdoors.  Indoor cultivation has its share of advantages and challenges just like outdoor cultivation. There are times when it is best to opt for outdoor cultivation. This is because it offers a wide range of advantages and suits various situations perfectly.

For best results, you should ensure that you use the best quality seeds from a reputable supplier. Having these seeds is the only guarantee you have of good yield when you opt for outdoor cultivation. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider cultivating your seeds outdoors:

You do not have to put in a lot of effort for its growth

As long as the weather conditions are right, the plants will grow without requiring any much effort on your part. All you need to do is the initial germination and planting and leave the rest to nature.  If you have a busy schedule or limited time, this is the best option as you do not have to constantly water the plant or see to it that it receives adequate light. This is the best option when you do not want the cultivation to take up too much of your attention and time. you may only need to provide water for those moments the rainfall is not adequate.

You enjoy free elements that support the growth of the cannabis seeds

You do not incur any additional costs to the cultivation of the plants. The sunlight is free and adequate to provide the warmth and light the plant needs. The rainfall is also free which means that you do not add to your utilities bills as well. Planting your seeds outdoors allows you to save on costs that are necessary to run an indoor cannabis patch that requires artificial lighting and warming lamps as well as water to ensure the plants are adequately nourished.

You will enjoy better yields

Outdoor cultivation allows you to tap into the optimum conditions for plant growth. What this means is that the plant will receive all that it needs to thrive and therefore will be more productive. When you plant your cannabis seeds outdoors, you will enjoy great yields as the seed will grow into a healthy bush. You may not get similar results indoors especially when you are unable to replicate the same growing conditions found outdoors.

It is a more cost effective option

Planting the weed seeds outdoors is beneficial as it is more cost effective. This is especially where you are planting the crops for commercial purposes. You can be able to grow more at minimal cost therefore allowing you to make good profits. There is a lot of potential for supplying alternative healing therapists using marijuana to treat various ailments.  Having the ability to grow high yield crops at minimal production costs means that you can sell at fair prices thus attracting a good customer base. The idea here is to grow seeds that are suitable for the market and that treat a variety of conditions.

Some Advantages of Online Shopping

With the advent and introduction of the internet to homes, work-places and schools everywhere, a new world has opened up for everybody. Online shopping is a blessing for parents with young children, the elderly who may struggle to get out, or people who may be house-bound through disability.

Online shopping means that people are able to buy products which were unavailable to them before. Customers can compare prices within minutes and a few clicks of the mouse, rather than having to spend ages pounding pavements.

The online customer also has the ability to track a product, which may not be available in the same way from buying in a shop. Online shopping however, is not all about buying products, it can be about selecting/buying services, and also being able to gauge other people’s opinions.

There is often a price bonus from online shopping as well as the other benefits already mentioned. Because companies do not have to spend out on lots of employees and other overheads such as a large ‘selling’ space, lighting/heating etc, therefore, the cost of the products can be reduced, so customers pay less for items.

Another advantage of online shopping is being able to buy directly from private sellers. This replaces a lot of classified adverts that you may find in local newspapers, and means that people can buy and sell possibly more quickly than traditional classified adverts may have allowed. The other bonus that this creates is a promotion in recycling.

There are a huge number of products and services available on the internet, and possibly one of the most useful is the number of supermarkets which now offer buying and delivering of your groceries – the only disadvantage of something like this however, is the minimum spend requirement that the majority of stores have, meaning that it is a very expensive way of just buying bread and milk for example.

Other disadvantages of online shopping mean that the customer cannot feel/smell/see the product physically. The customer can often see a photo of the product, which is a good representation of the product, but only 2D maybe there’s an argument to trying to develop a 3D internet – something for the future maybe!!

There are some statistics that online sales only account for 10% of retail figures, however, a number of companies which i have information for state that they’re online sales are up, and in fact account for the majority of sales.

Online shopping, although does have some disadvantages, on the whole it is a real benefit to customers everywhere.

Bricks and Mortar Vs Online Shopping

Does it have to be one or the other?

Something I noticed during my recent shopping escapade (shhh don’t tell my partner! )#) was the number of flyers I received with my receipts, encouraging me to check out their fab new online stores where I can purchase all the same great products. Which lead me to ask the question: do you want me to shop in store or online?

It appears the competition between Australian retailers and online shopping giants has subsided, and our beloved retailers are now supporting their traditional bricks and mortar with virtual boutiques (where you can not only browse but now make purchases online), giving us the best of both worlds!

Arguably, both set ups have pros and cons for businesses. Online equates to fewer overheads and shop fit out costs, and enables shoppers to access and purchase their products 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In comparison, retail outlets reap the benefits of increased buyer confidence as it allows consumers to see, feel and touch the products before purchasing. It’s also worth mentioning the reassurance provided by the friendly (or perhaps better word is convincing) sales lady who can influence shoppers into buying even if it wasn’t their intention to purchase, and we all know what that is like!

But rather than opting for one or the other, it would appear our retailers are making use of the ‘brick and click’ option, where the shop space remains and they develop a e-commerce website to complement their retail space. This has them covered from all angles and is already popular with most of our favourites in clothing, retail, electronic and popular ‘big box’ stores.

But… before we all rush out and develop a whizz bang e-commerce website, businesses need to be sure that they are doing it for the right reasons and not just to keep up with trends. Here are a couple of pointers to consider before deciding your traditional retail business can benefit from the support of online trading:

• What are your market demographics? Do some research. Ask your customers if they are looking for a convenient shopping option and find out if they even shop online.

• Do you have a clear marketing strategy in place? Analyse and plan guys!

• Do you have the resources, both money and time, to invest in an e-commerce website that actually works? This means attracting traffic to your website, converting sales and ongoing website maintenance.

• Are your competitors online? If so, what does their website look like, does it work well or not, and why. Learn from your competition to identify what they’re doing that you can improve on, or identify what you can offer that’s different and sets you apart from them.

There are certainly huge benefits in adding online into the mix, so if you find your customers are looking for other ways to purchase your products and you have the time, resources and strategy in place, then you should absolutely start benefiting from both new and traditional business practices.

Stay tuned for part two of this article where we talk about how to plan for and develop an e-commerce site.

Shopping Tips for the Latest Gadgets and Gifts

It is that time of year again. Everybody is getting ready for the holidays and deciding what presents and gifts they want to get their family and friends. I know some of you out there might find it hard to know what to get everybody on your list. I have a few tips for you which will make shopping a little easier this year. If you are going to be being any electronics or other gadget type gift then you definitely do not what to miss this article. I have important tips you need to know about when buying the latest gadgets.

First off start your holiday shopping early. It does not matter how early in the year it is. You can start buying presents and gifts for loved one right after the holidays and Christmas when everything goes on sell. This is a great time to find awesome deals. One word of caution here though. This is not a good time to buy the latest electronic gadgets like digital camera or computers. Electronics like these are changing so fast with new models coming out and prices on old models dropping what seems like everyday. What seems like a great price on a digital camera now might not be such a great price 8 months later when you are ready to give the camera to that special person. Now for non-electronic gifts anytime is a great time to get them. Gifts like decorations, clothes, classic Cds and Dvds are great to buy way a head of time.

Step two is to write down any items you hear a family member or friend mention they would like to have. If it is early enough in the year then you can even ask them questions about that item without them thinking you might purchase it for them. Try that a month before Christmas and see if they are a little suspicious. Keep this list someplace secret and convenient and simply add to it over the year. This list will come in handy for birthdays as well.

Step three is designating an area someplace to keep all the gifts and presents you buy early. It can be a closet or box tucked away someplace where the people who the gifts are for never look or use. Also make sure and keep all receipts organized in case you need to return something.

Step four is finding gifts for those hard to buy for people. In this case get them something fun and unique. Buying gadgets and other off the wall items is great for these types of people. When i say gadgets I do not mean items like digital cameras and computers. I’m talking about RC floating snack trays, kitchen gadgets like a pop-up hotdog cooker or a self stirring mug. They are sure to love those unique gifts.

Online Shopping Security Tips to Protect Your Money 

With each passing day, e-business and ecommerce impact our lives on a large scale. Many people can consider themselves to be seasoned purchasers with a great sense of security but a few tips are always great to protect your money. You can check articles on internet for Online Shopping Security Tips by Lifestyle Content Writers or Entertainment Content Writers. Here are few tips to Protect Your Money


  1. Do research

When visiting a new website for buying any item, you should read the website’s reviews and check if other users have had a negative or positive experience with the website.

  1. Keep your PC clean

You must keep all web-connected devices such as tablets, smartphones and PCs ‒ free from infections and malware by running only the new versions of apps as well as software.

  1. Returning Products

If you have to return any product that doesn’t suit you, you may check the return period.


  1. Never use the same password for all accounts

It would be difficult to remember passwords for single site, but services such as 1Password and iCloud Keychain may assist you remember your passwords. These types of services store all of your passwords in encrypted form, enabling you to unlock all vendors with 1 secured access code.

  1. Unique password, unique account

If you have different passwords for each account, it will assist you to thwart cybercriminals. Keep separate your personal as well as work accounts and ensure that your important accounts have the strong passwords.

  1. Check out the address bar

The scammers may redirect users to a fraudulent site which looks actually same as the real website. Ensure that the address of website in the address bar is same as it must be. You may check for unfamiliar domain names and typing errors. Never click through to a vendor website from the email, as you can be redirected to a fraud site.

  1. Only purchase from reputable sellers

It is very essential to research the company that you are purchasing from. You may use websites ‘review of consumer in order to check for customer experience and testimonials stories.

  1. Use popular browser tools

Many famous browsers have optional extensions, filters and add-ons which may warn you of suspected phishing websites and suspicious sites. Few firewalls and antivirus programs also install browser tools in order to filter search results and prevent you from fraud websites.

I have written this article for the people who have less knowledge about online shopping. If anyone would like to apply Lifestyle Freelance Content Writing Jobs or Entertainment Content Writing Jobs like me, then you can search many content writing website portals like contentmart.


10 Top Tips to Make Grocery shopping Easier and Save you Money!

Grocery shopping is a key part of all our daily lives, especially if you have responsibility for selecting, purchasing and bringing home the provisions for your family. The main stress factors arising from shopping for groceries are related to: the budget you have available; from overcrowding; ensuring that what you buy meets your family’s requirements.

Here are 10 top tips to make your grocery shopping a lot less stressful and help save you money.

Tip 1 How Often Will you Shop?

Decide on what frequency you will buy your groceries. If you shop every day or every other day, you may be spending more than you need in terms of cash and your time. Travelling to the store will cost you time and if you have some distance to travel also cost you money for fuel and running your car.

By shopping too often, you may be spending more money than you should, because retailers are experts at encouraging the ‘impulse’ buy, which we are all guilty of falling for when we spot those ‘special offers’.

If you shop for groceries more than weekly, you may find that much of what you buy ends up in the bin as it has spoiled.

Tip 2 Set Your budget

For many people on limited income the weekly grocery bill is likely to be in the ‘top four’ in terms their monthly outgoings, so budget is an extremely important factor to consider when shopping for groceries.

Set your budget for the frequency you decide on for buying your groceries and try to stick to it. If you manage to buy what you need under budget, either put the saving aside, maybe toward holiday, or treat yourself to a ‘reward’!

Tip 3 Categorise Your Shopping list

Set up a ‘List Template’ on your pc for your shopping list. Once you have finished your template, you can quickly print a copy each time you need it to save you re-writing it each week.

The list should be set out in categories to enable you to check to see if you have overlooked any specific items.

For example your categories may be:

Ready meals
Cleaning products
Personal hygiene products
Tip 4 Make Your Shopping list
Make your list fit the frequency you have decided to shop. If you are planning to shop for groceries for one-week, work out what foodstuffs you need based upon what you are planning to prepare and serve to your family, on each each day for the shopping period.

If you are shopping for a family or perhaps responsible for buying the groceries for a group of people such as your housemates, you will need to ensure that you take into consideration the needs of everyone for whom you are buying. Once you have prepared the list you can ask your family if they need to add anything else you may have missed off.

Tip 5 Stock Take

Before you shop for the items on your list, you can check to see if you already have anything listed at home in your cupboards, fridge or freezer. This will allow you to avoid spending money on items you already have in stock.

Tip 6 Buy On-line

Look into buying ‘on-line’. There may be some regular items you need to buy that you are able to order in bulk for home delivery, e. g. pet food and household cleaning materials.

You may have access to retailer that provides on-line grocery shopping. Buying on-line will allow you to select what you have on your list and help you avoid falling into the ‘impulse buying’ trap. It will also save you time and money by avoiding the need to travel so often to the shops.

Tip 7 Discount Stores

Don’t ignore the discount supermarkets. Shopping for all your groceries from the discount supermarkets can be a disappointment if you are after specific products that you regularly buy. It may be that the discount boys don’t stock what you want, or the quality may not be as good as you require.

For many of the more common items, the quality is very good and for many everyday items they are a lot cheaper than many of the big branded retailers.

When you prepare your list, you can easily identify what items you will buy from the discount supermarkets and those you will buy from your regular retail outlet.

Tip 8 Change Your Shopping Habits

Getting stressed out at the supermarket because the store is over-crowded can be avoided by planning your shopping trip outside of the ‘peak periods.

If you can go during the week, perhaps in the evening then the whole experience will be different and more relaxed.

Try and fit your shopping trip into another activity. For example, go to the cinema first and then call in to do the shopping on the way home.

Tip 9 Bargain Buys

Make sure that the bargain buy advertised is a bargain that you actually need! Don’t just buy it because it’s on offer. Many people take up the popular BOGOF offers (buy one get one free) and end up throwing the product away, especially if it has a short shelf life, as it has not be used.

Tip 10 Shop to a System

Make sure you shop in a systematic way rather than browsing around the supermarket. This will assist you to get the shopping completed as soon as possible and held you avoid impulse buying. As you go through the store and find what you have listed, tick it off of the list. Make sure you stick to your list and don’t deviate. When you have ticked off all the items on your list, go to the checkout and don’t look back!

Pay attention at the cash register. We’re only human and as such can make mistakes. Make sure that the cashier only puts the item through once. If there are special offers for items on your list, check the bill to make sure you have received the offer.

How POS Software Can Drive Better Business Performance For Gift Shops

Using smart technology Gift Shop owners and managers are able measurably to achieve better sales revenue and business profits using smart business management, marketing and security tools.

Retail software developed specifically for the worldwide gift shop marketplace provides business insights, saves employee time, reduces theft and helps leverage existing customer traffic into more sales.

A good Point of Sale solution can add between 10% and 25% to the bottom line of the business in the first year.

From the sales counter to the back office, owners and managers can expect to achieve a tremendous financial and operational in the performance of the business. There are many ways that good Point of Sale software can help any gift shop. These include:

Inventory control and management. The average Gift Shop, without an inventory management solution can expect that around 25% of inventory is dead, of little or no value to the business

Retail business owners tend to purchase stock based on what they think sells or think will sell. By using the software to generate orders based on factual sales data, the stock holding for the business should fall, freeing capital for other purposes in the business.

More efficient sales. Using Point of Sale software at the counter is more reliable, safer, faster, more accurate and far more enjoyable for all working in the business. By eliminating slow manual processes and scanning everything, retail associates can spend more time working with customers and less on busy work.

Good software tracks customer and product details from each sale. This data becomes a valuable resource for the business.

By linking directly to banking terminals, credit and debit card processing is faster and far more accurate – no double entry of data, no downtime waiting for processing approval.

Reduced customer theft. By knowing what is being stolen from the shop floor, management can make better informed decisions. Smart POS software will identify what is being stolen efficiently. Some retailers do not want to know this while others relish having access to the information. As they say, knowledge is power!

Considerably reduced employee theft. Employees steal from a retail business because they are able, because it is easy. Tight controls at the sales counter, over all retail transactions including sales, refunds, discounts and others, gift shop software will reduce the opportunity for employee theft.

Through protecting against unauthorized cancellation or deletion of sales, the most common route to employee theft, the business can expect to achieve a reduction by up to 50% in employee theft.

Given that retail theft can be as much as 5% of sales, cutting this in half, as has been achieved by many retailers already, can significantly improve the bottom line of the business.

Sales growth. Point of Sale software helps gift shop employees sell more product in a range of ways. By stocking more of what sells and less of what does not sell, retailers sell more. By streamlining the customer experience on the shop floor as well as at the counter, customers are more likely to return. By being able to more easily answer questions, customers can be guided to buy more. By marketing to existing customers through email, mail and text message, retailers sell more. By understanding the average shopping basket and what sells with what, retailers sell more. It is well proven that good Point of Sale software helps in each of these areas.

Reduced employee and other costs. Employees are expensive in retail. Specialist Gift Shop POS software can help a retailer cut labour costs by automating processes such as pricing of goods, reordering stock, changing prices, marketing to customers, printing business reports and answering customer queries.

More valuable and financially rewarding business decisions. Good business decisions rely on timely access to accurate information about the performance of the business.

Gift shop owners using smart technology can track sales by day, by hour, by supplier and by customers. They can also compare trading periods to see if business is up or down, report on return on investment by stock item or at a department level, return on floor space and stock turn. Having this mission critical data readily available usually drives better quality business decisions.

Retail is tough at any time in the economic cycle and those businesses with access with better quality data tend to achieve better results. Hence the importance of good data to Gift Shop owners.

Point of Sale software designed specifically for the needs of gift shops is more beneficial to gift shops than an off the shelf system sold to other retailers. An off the shelf system does not respect the differences in a gift shop business. It is not tailored to suit the needs. It will not evolve as gift shop retailing evolves.

Get the Best Experience – Shop Online

Online Shopping Is Convenient And Quick

Online shopping is fast turning into a rage these days. It is not only convenient but saves lots of money. You can shop in the comfort of your home with just the click of a mouse. Online shopping is a quick and convenient way to access the markets world-over. You can get goods from any corner of the world easily. Basically, it refers to buying of goods directly from websites and portals. Payment can be done by various modes. There are many such websites that offer this service. Deals are generally safe and hassle free. Goods are delivered to your place after the payment is made. Some online shops also provide cash- on-delivery service. In this, the customer pays after taking the delivery, just like in a traditional supermarket.

Shop Online – It is Trouble Free

Buying goods online is easy. You just have to browse the products on the websites and decide the one(s) you want to buy. Simply add these items to a virtual shopping cart. After payment is made, you can check out and have the goods delivered to you. Payments are usually done via credit or debit card. Advantages of shopping online:

1. Ease: This is an easy thing to do. You can browse through a lot of stuff easily on websites. You need not leave your place to shop.
2. Time Saving: Shopping online saves a lot of time. There is no need to go out. You can place your order in a few seconds.
3. Variety: You can get access to the markets world over. It becomes easy to browse through millions of products. Feature comparison becomes hassle-free too. This helps you in choosing the best product.
4. Savings: You can save a lot. Usually, products are priced lower because agent costs are eliminated. Apart from that, travelling expenses are also saved.
5. 24-Hour Shopping: There is no time restriction. These websites are opening round-the-clock. You can shop according to your own convenience.

Taking Precautions Is important Too

Customers need to provide important information like card number and personal details while shopping on their favorite website. This has made phishing and other internet frauds very common. Before trusting a shopping website or portal, it is important to take some security measures. You should always make sure that the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) begins with “https” and not “http”. You should also check for SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) written on the pop-up window. This ensures that your shopping website is highly secure. It is also necessary to check for international security certificates on the payment page. The presence of such certificates ensures the safety of payments. Good websites have strong customer support systems. It is recommended to check for a website’s contact number and options like live customer help. Another important thing to notice is total charges. Some online shopping service providers charge a lot in the name of indirect taxes and extra costs. All inclusive costs must be checked before making full and final payment.

Go for a Good Web site

It is always convenient to shop online. It has many benefits and savings. But keeping a few precautions in mind always helps. Make sure that you choose only a reputable website to give your business to.

The case For Shopping Online For Women’s Clothes

Women shoppers seem to be in one camp or the other:

They love to shop online;

They absolutely will not shop online.

I am in the “absolutely not” camp although there is a good case to be made for shopping online for women’s business suits. See if you agree with my research.

Efficiency. You can find your favorite websites, shop for the women’s suits you want, and request them to be shipped home all with just a couple of clicks on the internet. Add in a few more keystrokes to enter in your credit card number and you are done.

Rain Rain,… Who Cares. If your weather activity includes rain, sleet, snow, or hail, it won’t matter at all. Shopping from home protects you from unfavorable weather conditions while you snuggle up to your computer to do all the shopping for women’s business clothes you can stand.

What gas prices? If you do not live near quality women’s clothes stores, you will have to use your precious gas to do any shopping at all. No gas needed to get to the stores online.

No strollers needed. Young children are a challenge on a shopping excursion. Unfortunately, strollers may be part of the equation of shopping. The quality of strollers has improved a great deal yet they are still equipment that requires loading and unloading into the car. What an energy sapper!

Sweetheart salespeople. If you are annoyed like I am at sales people who follow you around and hassle you, rest assured the sales people online will seem like sweethearts. When i am out shopping for a women’s business suit or other apparel, I only want help from someone who knows her merchandise. That doesn’t seem to be the norm. In retail, the pay for sales people is embarrassingly low which speaks directly to their incentives to work extra hard to be completely familiar with all the merchandise they sell and how it will work for me. I propose that any company selling clothing, provide training sessions that specifically teach their sales people How to really Help Your Customer Without Annoying Them.

Has my catalogue arrived? Catalogues have been gracing our mailboxes for decades. Many shoppers got used to flipping through the magazines, finding women’s clothes they want and placing those important phone calls to purchase something. For those women, doing their shopping online was not a big adjustment. These shoppers are already well informed about the clothes offered by their favorite vendors. Many of the companies that have already been in the catalogue business, only sell online. They have not invested in physical facilities.

Time returned. You will save a lot of time shopping even if you take a long time to visit many websites and clothing items online. That amount of time will beat the time you would have spent driving to and walking in and out of stores. It could conceivably give you back a whole lot of time.

Who is the fairest of them all? The point when many women lose their zest for shopping is when they have to stand in front of the mirrors. Online, no mirrors!

No messy fitting rooms. Even in the high quality stores selling business suits for women, the fitting rooms need attention. There is usually someone else’s trash, pins, gum, and leftover hangers. It’s definitely not home.

Customer service. Retail stores have a reputation for not providing high quality customer care. The more enlightened stores, such as Neiman Marcus and Nordstroms have done an outstanding job of providing great customer service. They get it. Other retail clothes stores seem to think it’s not important enough or that the merchandise will sell itself. Shopping online can be a much better experience in customer service. It may not get high marks for being pleasant but it is generally positive.

No distractions. When i go shopping, I often run into food or items that persuade me to get off my plan. For instance, until I smelled the cinnamon rolls, I didn’t want one. Until I saw the ice cream, I didn’t want any. When I shop on the internet, I do not encounter those distractions.

Return policies. The online retail community has done a superb job at learning how to handle merchandise returns. Sending the goods back still has some hassles yet, the online store’s attitude on serving the customer is notably better than the retail stores served by those annoying sales people I mentioned earlier. Many stores provide easy ways to return merchandise – and for any reason. Lands End and Coldwater Creek, for instance, jump through hoops to let you return merchandise. They make it easy to print an online return order if those pants I bought turned out to be way too small. Lands End offers free shipping on items you select as replacements. What a great deal!

Did I make the case for shopping online instead of driving your car to shop? There are many benefits of shopping online to find excellent customer service as opposed to visiting shops to make those purchases in person.