Quick Guide to Vintage Fashion

You can see people from all walks of life wearing vintage fashion, from A-List stars to your next door neighbor. Vintage fashion can be found in high street shops and even some department stores. The popularity of vintage fashion is widespread among men, women and teens.

What is Vintage Fashion?

Vintage fashion includes clothes, sunglass, jewelry, shoes and other accessories that aren’t new. Any of these items that were made between 1920 and 1970 are considered vintage. Those made before then are considered antique and those made after are considered retro. Vintage designer clothes are worn by celebrities, fueling the popularity even more. Some popular brands like High Street Oasis and Next have created clothing lines inspired by the vintage look. You can find different eras of clothing within these lines.

Why is Vintage Fashion Popular?

There are three possible reasons why vintage fashion has become popular. One being that its uniqueness attracts a lot of people to buy it. Another would be the range of options that are available and the fact that they follow the trends of the season. Lastly, it’s very likely that you won’t see anyone else wearing your same vintage outfit. This is especially so since a lot of people will buy vintage clothing or an accessory to make an outfit pop. So a lot of mixing and matching is done by vintage shoppers.

Vintage Clothing Styles

It’s common to find vintage fashion inspired by the 1940s, like for the Dior New Look and high street mainstream collections. Those who wear these have the advantage of wearing the real thing, but have to pay a high price to do so. The quality of the vintage clothing is what matters most. Vintage clothing that have lasted through the years usually are superior in quality compared to those that are mass produced today. Clothing that was made before 1960 were usually handmade, so the quality is higher and were made with silk and wool. Back then synthetic and manmade materials weren’t available. Since styles didn’t change often in those days, clothes were designed to last.

Buying Vintage Fashion

You can find vintage fashion being sold in shops that specialize in vintage clothes, charity shops and sometimes in flea markets. The Internet is another good source to find vintage items. Online vintage shops are growing more and more and in a lot of cases, you can get a great deal for the price. Be sure to learn about the design of vintage clothes to avoid getting scammed. For instance, zippers and buttons were made of metal, not plastic and clothing with care instruction labels were made after the 1970s.

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