Ways to Save Money when Buying Clothes

Whether you’ve got a designer brand addition or you’re more of a high-street shopper, buying clothes and accessories can quickly become expensive, particularly if you like to stay up to date with current trends and fashions. So if you’re struggling to fill your wardrobe with the clothes you want, here are a handful of tips to help you save money:

  1. Buy non-branded basics

It’s tempting to shell out on designer brands, even when you’re buying t-shirts or underwear. But realistically noone is going to see them, and they’re a functional item more than a fashion statement. You can get a similar level of quality opting for generic or non-branded products, so save your money for branded items you can show off.

  1. Go for accessories rather than new outfits

Inexpensive accessories, from jewelery to bags to wallets and more, can really make an old outfit feel more stylish and expressive, and they’re much cheaper to buy than paying out for a whole new outfit. This might seem more applicable to women, but men can do the same thing, using socks and ties to spruce up on older outfit.

  1. Shop second hand

Buying second hand can save you an absolute fortune when it comes to designer brands and high-street products alike. Make use of online auction sites to see what you can get if you’re willing to opt for a pre-owned product, just make sure they have a detailed product description so you’re not buying something that’s torn or badly worn. These sites are also good for saving money on brand new items, as people often list unwanted presents or things they bought but never used. I recently got my hands on brand new Oliver Peoples glasses for less than half the price I would have paid in the shops, simply by buying from someone who had a new pair they no longer wanted via an online auction site.

  1. Use coupon codes when shopping online

Coupon codes are fairly ubiquitous when it comes to online retailers, and they’re not at all difficult to find. The next time you’re about to checkout, hop over to Google and search for discount codes from the retailer you’re shopping with – a few minutes searching might well give you a hefty discount on the final total.

  1. Take the retailer surveys

Often retailers – both online and in-store – will ask you to fill out a survey about your experience shopping with them. You can find these on their sites or on physical receipts, and taking these surveys come with a range of different rewards. Some will enter you into a competition or give you free shipping on your next order, but most will thank you with a coupon for 5-10% off your next purchase, and these savings can build up!